Symposium : Medicine of the Future

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Given the international health situation, we regret to announce that the symposium "Medicine of the future" had to be postpone too. It will be held on July 2021.
The exact date will be communicated to you later.

Good health to you all and See you soon

The mission of MIG is to develop meetings and partnerships / long-term cooperation between French and Israeli scientists and between French and Israeli companies.

With two very successful editions in 2016 and 2018, Les Journées de Galilée -Meet in Galilee, a NGO, organizes on the model of Aix en Provence, the third edition of the medico-economic forum and the Lyric Art Festival.


On the scientific level and in partnership with the Genopole and Imagine, the medico-economic forum will take place in July, 2021 in Paris.


In 2018, we had the pleasure to bring together the main players in French genetics such as Prof. N. Levy INSERM University Marseille-Aix, Pr. Y Levy CEO of INSERM, JM Grognet Director of the Genopole, Pr Deleuze, Stoppa Lyonnet, Lyonnet, Munnich without forgetting the civil society with Dassault system, Cardif, the FFA, illuminated, to discuss with their Israeli alter-egos on the subject of: "Genomic Medicine a paradigm shift and its impact on the society"

This is a great opportunity for Israeli companies and decision-makers, but it is also a great opportunity to meet French institutions like the leaders of INSERM and the Genopole and to establish with them proximity links.


En 2021: The theme will be Medicine of the Future.

This Symposium is in honor of Martine Dassault

8.00 am  Registrations and Welcome coffee


8.15 am  Welcome adress

  • Dr. Muriel Haim, Meet in Galilee confirmed

  • Dr. Anne Jouvenceau, Genopole confirmed

  • Prof. Stanislas Lyonnet Imagine Institute confirmed


8 .30 am  Introduction lectures

  • The medicine of the future: French and Israeli perspectives

  • Prof. Avi ISRAELI, Chief Scientist of Ministry of Health Israel confirmed


9.30 am   Round table 1 on genomic medicine

  • Dr. Ines Amado, France Medicine Genomic 2025 confirmed

  • Paul Jones, Director population genomic, Illumina  confirmed

  • Prof. Stanislas Lyonnet, Imagine Institute confirmed

  • Prof. Gad Rennert, Carmel medical institute 

  • Prof. Varda Shalev, Tel Aviv University (TBC) 

  • Prof. Jean-François Deleuze, CEA confirmed


10 .30 am   Coffee break


11.00 pm    Round table 2 on Health data: a new paradigm of medecine

  • Dr. Yael Vila, General manager Israeli National Project Psifas. 

  • Stanislas Chevalet, Cardif confirmed

  • Prof. D. Stoppa-Lyonnet, Institut Curie confirmed

11. 45    Key note lecture: 40 years of biomedical revolutions

  • Prof. René Frydman confirmed


12:15   LUNCH


1.30 pm  Key note address on artificial intelligence

  • Prof. Cédric Villani


2.00 pm  Table round 3 on Artificial intelligence​ Moderator Amit Kurz

  • Dr. Kira Radinsky, chair woman & CTO Diagnostics Robotics Israel TBC

  • Dr. Gura Founder and CZO ZEBRA Israel TBC

  • P. Johnson Dassault System France TBC

  • Mr. E. Huneker CEO Diabeloop confirmed

2.30 pm  Keynote lecture: Artificial intelligence and growth. 

  • Prof. Philippe Aghion, Chair of Economics College de France confirmed


3.00 pm  Round Table 4 on Imagery for the medecine of the future Moderator prof. S. Lyonnet

  • Philippe Genne, CIO Onco design France 

  • Mr. Huneker, Diabeloo, CIO confirmed

  • Mrs Talia Cohen Solal CEO Genetika Israel  TBC

4.00 pm  Round table 5 on the need of a new Ethics for the medicine of the future.

  • Prof. Arnold Munnich, President Imagine institute confirmed

4.20 pm  Conclusion of the symposium

  • Jean-Marc Grognet - CEA confirmed

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